More on Morphobank

O'Leary, M. A. and Kaufman, S. (2011). MorphoBank: phylophenomics in the "cloud". Cladistics, doi: 10.1111/j.1096-0031.2011.00355.x.
Description of first decade of MorphoBank software development and discussion of the scientific benefits of databasing morphology for phylogenetics.

Pennisi, Elizabeth. (June 13, 2003). Modernizing the Tree of Life. Science, Vol. 300, 1692-1697.
A description of major initiatives to build the Tree of Life and MorphoBank will document and archive morphological characters essential for this task.

Evolutionary Biology Research in Fundamental Space Biology and the NASA Mission
An evolutionary research plan for NASA's Fundamental Space Biology Program by Michael J. Novacek, Edward O. Wilson, Elizabeth Kellogg, Ann Burke, Albert Bennett, and Doug Erwin, 2002

MorphoBank Workshop, November 10-11, 2001 - Report
Report to the NSF describing the outlining the concept of MorphoBank by Maureen O'Leary, Janine Caira, and Michael Novacek, 2001