MorphoBank on Video

American Museum of Natural History video discusses MorphoBank Project 773, The Placental Mammal Ancestor and the post K-Pg Radiation of Placentals.

American Museum of Natural History's video, available above, nominated for a Webby.

MorphoBank in the News

Schwartz, John (October 26, 2012). Exhibits That Only Researchers Usually See. The New York Times.
MorphoBank is mentioned as part of an overview of research activities at the Museum.

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Discussion of tools used to shared published data.

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A discussion of online tools and their use in paleontological research.

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Description of new web tools that are changing the way comparative biology is conducted.

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MorphoBank is discussed in issue (Vol. 21, Issue 12, 2006) of Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

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A report on contemporary initiatives in morphological research, including MorphoBank, by science writer, Paul D. Thacker.

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A description of major initiatives to build the Tree of Life and MorphoBank will document and archive morphological characters essential for this task.

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A discussion of the resurgence of the discipline of systematics in evolutionary research, mentions the need for databases like MorphoBank by E. O. Wilson.