Getting Started

There are two ways to join Morphobank: through invitation or signing up. To sign up fill out the registration form with your contact information and a brief description of your project. Registrations are immediately activated. Invitations to join MorphoBank can also be given out by current MorphoBank members who are the "administrators" or creators of a particular Project and who wish to invite collaborators. Once a new person has joined, he or she is free to create new, separate projects.

We welcome and encourage students to join MorphoBank and use the software. It is the policy of MorphoBank, however, to request that the student's advisor be made a member of any student project.

Documentation and Tutorials

Just getting started? Download the printable users manual and quick start guide here and see the FAQ page to learn more about MorphoBank. You can also send questions to the technical support team with the Ask Us form. Not sure where to start? Get in touch. We are happy to help you and love to hear from our users.

MorphoBank Quick Start Guide
(PDF format)

MorphoBank database schema