Project 4023: Z. T. Kulik, J. Fröbisch, J. K. Lungmus, K. D. Angielczyk, C. A. Sidor. 2021. Living fast in the Triassic: New data on life history in Lystrosaurus (Therapsida: Dicynodontia) from northeastern Pangea. PLOS ONE. 16 (11):e0259369.
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Composite thin section images of an association of forelimb and hind limb elements of a Lystrosaurus from the Jiucaiyuan Formation of northwestern China.

Folio Media

† Lystrosaurus sp.
tibia midshaft thin section
† Lystrosaurus sp.
femoral midshaft thin section
† Lystrosaurus sp.
fibula midshaft thin section
† Lystrosaurus sp.
radius midshaft thin section
† Lystrosaurus sp.
ulna midshaft thin section