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There are 944 publicly accessible projects as of September 19, 2021 in MorphoBank. Publicly available projects contain 143,618 images and 604 matrices. MorphoBank also has an additional 1,504 projects that are in progress. These contain an additional 184,343 images and 1,291 matrices. These will become available as scientists complete their research and release these data. 3,230 scientists and students are content builders on MorphoBank. 2448 site visitors viewed or downloaded data in the last thirty days.

Indicates research projects supported by NSF funding.
There are 259 such projects currently live for public viewing on MorphoBank.


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MorphoBank's Taxonomy Browser is designed to help scientists and the public navigate the data on the site. The taxonomic hierarchy is generated by matching Taxa in MorphoBank to the NCBI taxonomic database through the Global Names Architecture, which collects names of living and extinct species. The Taxonomy Browser is updated nightly to reflect new data in MorphoBank and updates to taxonomic authorities. We understand that no taxonomic authority is perfect and that taxonomy is always being revised - this browser is simply a tool to facilitate data access within MorphoBank. What do I do if I am a scientist with data in MorphoBank and do not see my taxon listed?