Published Projects

There are 1,082 publicly accessible projects as of July 7, 2022 in MorphoBank. Publicly available projects contain 160,305 images and 682 matrices. MorphoBank also has an additional 1,508 projects that are in progress. These contain an additional 153,805 images and 1,342 matrices. These will become available as scientists complete their research and release these data. 3,449 scientists and students are content builders on MorphoBank. 30536 site visitors viewed or downloaded data in the last thirty days.

Indicates research projects supported by NSF funding.
There are 287 such projects currently live for public viewing on MorphoBank.


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Project 2748:
A New Genus for
Project 739:
Project 2188:
Asilisaurus ontogeny
Project 780:
Babes in the wood
Project 3234:
Project 2340:
Cobbania hickeyi
Project 4082:
Cyphoderia ampulla
Project 3350:
Deviant chiton
Project 4019:
Emydopoidea braincase
Project 2436:
Epidolops matrices
Project 240:
Florida Mormoopid
Project 2600:
Fossil Cunoniaceae
Project 4069:
Geiseltal gecko
Project 2501:
Project 2157:
Hadrosaur histology
Project 4061:
Hambach new proteid
Project 3385:
Human evolution
Project 3189:
Myriapod matrix
Project 2554:
Project 2655:
Mystacodon selenensis
Project 1070:
Pantodont project
Project 3380:
Peregocetus pacificus
Project 4063:
Pleurodema datamatrix
Project 933:
Racicot et al. 2014
Project 728:
Project 2691:
Project 2789:
Trinucleida Phylogeny
Project 2242:
Project 2210: