Project 689: T. H. Oakley, J. M. Wolfe, A. R. Lindgren, A. K. Zaharoff. 2012. Phylotranscriptomics to Bring the Understudied into the Fold: Monophyletic Ostracoda, Fossil Placement and Pancrustacean Phylogeny. Molecular Biology and Evolution.

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Taxonomic name
Cytherelloidea californica

Cytherelloidea californica (SBMNH/Sample 178:Voucher 209)

Specimen notes
Scraped algae at low-tide Camino de la Costa Beach Access, La Jolla, San Diego 24º46.9'N 80º54.58'W May 14th, 2010 algae collecting - intertidal only on very low tide

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April 19 2012 at 12:53:28

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