Project 1108: M. D. R. Castañeda, E. Sherratt, J. B. Losos. 2014. The Mexican amber anole, Anolis electrum, within a phylogenetic context: implications for the origins of Caribbean anoles. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 172 (1):133–144.

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Original filename: Anolis electrum UCMP68497 R forelimb.tif

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Anolis electrum (Lazell Jr, J.D., 1965)

Anolis electrum (Lazell Jr, J.D., 1965) (UCMP/Vertebrates:68497)

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Type Status: Type Period: Tertiary Loc ID#: V75063 Locality Name: Simojovel Amber State/Prov: Chiapas Country: Mexico

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