Project 1165: R. K. Engelman, D. A. Croft. 2014. A New Species of Small-Bodied Sparassodont (Mammalia: Metatheria) from the Middle Miocene Locality of Quebrada Honda, Bolivia. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 34 (3):672-688.

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Original filename: Cladosictis Ventral.tif

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Cladosictis patagonica

Cladosictis patagonica (unvouchered)


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Russell Engelman

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Russell Engelman

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Image based on YPM-VPPU 15046, with some restoration. Parts of rear half of skull and zygomatic arches slightly based on a specimen of the related Sipalocyon (AMNH 9254) due to damage. Modified from original image by F. van Iterson from Sinclair (1906).

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