Project 2106: R. K. Engelman, F. Anaya, D. A. Croft. 2017. New palaeothentid marsupials (Paucituberculata) from the middle Miocene of Quebrada Honda, Bolivia, and their implications for the palaeoecology, decline and extinction of the Palaeothentoidea. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology. 15 (10):787-820.

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Original filename: UATF-V-001774_labial2_65mm_2x_morphobank.tif

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Taxonomic name
Palaeothentes relictus

Palaeothentes relictus (UATF/V:001774)

Specimen notes
Right dentary fragment with complete m1, m2 missing posterolingual corner, and partial anterior alveolus of m3. Holotype of Palaeothentes relictus


Side represented
right side

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Russell Engelman

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