Project 2422: S. Franz-Guess, B. Klußmann-Fricke, C. S. Wirkner, L. Prendini, J. M. Starck. 2016. Morphology of the tracheal system of camel spiders (Chelicerata: Solifugae) based on micro-CT and 3D-reconstruction in exemplar species from three families. Arthropod Structure & Development. 45 (5):440-451.

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Original filename: P-24-GG6-0080.jpg

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Taxonomic name
Galeodes granti Pocock, 1903

Galeodes granti Pocock, 1903 (P-24-GG6)

Specimen notes
complete scan


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Sandra Franz-Guess

Media notes
µCT-image stack of specimen P-24-GG6 (Galeodes granti)

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May 23 2016 at 5:07:05

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