Project 2804: J. D. Beech, J. C. Lamsdell, J. Álvaro. 2021. Phylogeny, disparity and mass extinction response in the trilobite order Harpetida. Papers in Palaeontology. 7 (4):2205-2225.

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Original filename: harpes_parvulus.jpg

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Taxonomic name
Dubhglasina parvula Owen, 1976

Dubhglasina parvula Owen, 1976 (SM/A 33957)

Specimen notes
Listed as Harpes parvulus (synonymized by Ebach and McNamara 2002) Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

dorsal cephalon

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James Beech

Media notes
listed as Harpes parvulus

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October 5 2018 at 17:45:51

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