Project 3222: M. D. D’Emic, A. R. Evans, P. M. O’Connor, T. R. Pascucci, J. N. Gavras, E. Mardakhayava, E. K. Lund. 2019. Evolution of high tooth replacement rates in theropod dinosaurs. PLOS ONE. 14 (11):e0224734.

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Original filename: Majungasaurus dentary_MAD 96212_gen 2.ply

Morphobank media number

Taxonomic name
Majungasaurus crenatissimus

Majungasaurus crenatissimus (FMNH or MAD/various:various)

Specimen notes
Montaged images of 19 Majungasaurus teeth, with incremental lines of von Ebner traced where measured.

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Michael D'Emic

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January 7 2019 at 22:01:14

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