Project 3333: E. Gorscak, U. Joger, P. M. O’Connor. 2019. A new African Titanosaurian Sauropod Dinosaur from the middle Cretaceous Galula Formation (Mtuka Member), Rukwa Rift Basin, Southwestern Tanzania. PLOS ONE. 14 (2):e0211412.

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Taxonomic name
Mnyamawamtuka moyowamkia

Mnyamawamtuka moyowamkia (RRBP/05834)


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Eric Gorscak

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Scale bar = 10 cm. Internal view of the right scapula. Unique crest and shallow fossa located at the anterodorsal area of the internal surface of the scapular blade. Either smooth or presence of a tubercle in other titanosaurs.

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January 31 2019 at 12:02:37

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