Project 3459: G. R. Curler, K. Skibińska. 2021. Paleotelmatoscopus, a proposed new genus for some fossil moth flies (Diptera, Psychodidae, Psychodinae) in Eocene Baltic amber, with description of a new species . Zootaxa. 4927 (4):505-524.

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Taxonomic name
Paleotelmatoscopus madrizi Curler and Skibińska

Paleotelmatoscopus madrizi Curler and Skibińska (SDEI/CCHH:911-1)

Specimen notes
♂ Paratype Excellent condition; visible from dorsal and ventral; parts of head obscured in dorsal view; very similar to holotype; drawing of genitalia base on this specimen Wing: L 1.64; W 0.54

frontal view

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