Project 3277: L. Moritz, T. Wesener. 2019. The first known fossils of the Platydesmida—an extant American genus in Cretaceous amber from Myanmar (Diplopoda: Platydesmida: Andrognathidae). Organisms Diversity & Evolution. 19 (3):423-433.

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Andrognathus burmiticus Moritz & Wesener

Andrognathus burmiticus Moritz & Wesener (ZFMK/MYR:08710)

CT-data, whole specimen

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Leif Moritz

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[System] Scanner=SkyScan1272 Instrument S/N=13D09036 Software Version=1.1.7 Home Directory=C:SkyScan1272 Source Type=HAMAMATSU_L11871_20 Camera Type=XIMEA xiRAY11 Camera Pixel Size (um)=9.0 Camera X/Y Ratio=0.9783 [User] User Name=microct Computer Name=SCANNER1272 [Acquisition] Data Directory=E:ResultsLeifPlatydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201 Filename Prefix=Platydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201_ Filename Index Length=8 Number Of Files= 940 Number Of Rows= 2688 Number Of Columns= 3265 Partial Width= 81% Image crop origin X=383 Image crop origin Y=0 Camera binning=1x1 Image Rotation=0.06000 Optical Axis (line)= 1440 Camera to Source (mm)=270.50087 Object to Source (mm)=30.64000 Source Voltage (kV)= 30 Source Current (uA)= 193 Image Pixel Size (um)=0.999960 Scaled Image Pixel Size (um)=0.999960 Image Format=TIFF Depth (bits)=16 Reference Intensity=57000 Exposure (ms)=4000 Rotation Step (deg)=0.200 Use 360 Rotation=NO Scanning position=18.053 mm Frame Averaging=ON (4) Random Movement=ON (15) Flat Field Correction=ON FF updating interval=94 Geometrical Correction=ON Filter=No Filter Gantry direction=CC Rotation Direction=CC Type of Detector Motion=STEP AND SHOOT Scanning Trajectory=ROUND Number Of Horizontal Offset Positions=1 Study Date and Time=27 Mar 2019 15h:53m:17s Scan duration=6h:19m:9s Maximum vertical TS=22.0 Maximum horizontal TS=23.0 TS modified at=March27,16:41:52 --- 940 of 940 projections TS modified according to=E:ResultsLeifPlatydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201Platydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201__TS.csv TS modified at level=0 [Reconstruction] Reconstruction Program=NRecon Program Version=Version: Program Home Directory=C:SkyScan1272 Reconstruction engine=GPUReconServer Engine version=Version: 1.7.1 Reconstruction from batch=No Postalignment=4.00 Reconstruction servers= SCANNER1272 Dataset Origin=SkyScan1272 Dataset Prefix=Platydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201_ Dataset Directory=E:ResultsLeifPlatydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201 Output Directory=E:ResultsLeifPlatydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201Platydesmida_jingzhaxo07III201_Rec Time and Date=Mar 27, 2019 17:15:59 First Section=490 Last Section=2270 Reconstruction duration per slice (seconds)=1.083099 Total reconstruction time (1781 slices) in seconds=1929.000000 Section to Section Step=1 Sections Count=1781 Result File Type=TIF Result File Header Length (bytes)=12 Result Image Width (pixels)=2096 Result Image Height (pixels)=1788 Pixel Size (um)=0.99996 Reconstruction Angular Range (deg)=188.00 Use 180+=OFF Angular Step (deg)=0.2000 Smoothing=0 Ring Artifact Correction=0 Draw Scales=OFF Object Bigger than FOV=OFF Reconstruction from ROI=ON ROI Top (pixels)=2537 ROI Bottom (pixels)=749 ROI Left (pixels)=686 ROI Right (pixels)=2784 ROI reference length=3265 Filter cutoff relative to Nyquist frequency=100 Filter type=0 Filter type description=Hamming (Alpha=0.54) Undersampling factor=1 Threshold for defect pixel mask (%)=0 Beam Hardening Correction (%)=0 CS Static Rotation (deg)=0.00 Minimum for CS to Image Conversion=0.021791 Maximum for CS to Image Conversion=1.016929 HU Calibration=OFF BMP LUT=0 Cone-beam Angle Horiz.(deg)=6.099431 Cone-beam Angle Vert.(deg)=5.023050

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May 16 2019 at 14:33:55

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