Project 3385: Xijun Ni, Qiang Ji, Wensheng Wu, Qingfeng Shao, Yannan Ji, Chi Zhang, Lei Liang, Junyi Ge, Zhen Guo, Jinhua Li, Qiang Li, Rainer GrĂ¼n, Chris Stringer. 2021. Massive cranium from Harbin in northeastern China establishes a new Middle Pleistocene human lineage. The Innovation. 2:100130.

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Original filename: Skull_form_figure5_20_Klein_2009.png

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Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens (BC:201)

Specimen notes
Human male, elongated (cranial binding) & trephinated. Bone clone.


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Klein, R. G., 2009, The human career. Human biology and cultural origins. Third edition., Chicago and London, The University of Chicago, 989 p.

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