Project 3561: J. Luque, S. Gerken. 2019. Exceptional preservation of comma shrimp from a mid-Cretaceous Lagerstätte of Colombia, and the origins of crown Cumacea. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 286 (1916):20191863.

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Original filename: Image 03_Eobodotria and Callichimaera_Photo by Javier Luque & Sarah Gerken.jpg

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Taxonomic name
Eobodotria muisca Luque & Gerken, 2019

Eobodotria muisca Luque & Gerken, 2019 (:IGM p880695)

Specimen notes
†Eobodotria muisca Luque & Gerken, 2019, Paratype IGM p880695

Eobodotria muisca, right side view

Side represented
right side

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Javier Luque

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Javier Luque

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Bibliographic Reference
Luque, J. and Gerken, S. 2019. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Vol. 286.

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