Project 3134: B. M. Gee, J. J. Bevitt, U. Garbe, R. R. Reisz. 2019. New material of the ‘microsaur’ Llistrofus from the cave deposits of Richards Spur, Oklahoma and the paleoecology of the Hapsidopareiidae. PeerJ. 7:e6327.

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Original filename: OMNH 73901_stack

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Taxonomic name
Llistrofus pricei (Carroll & Gaskill, 1978)

Llistrofus pricei (Carroll & Gaskill, 1978) (OMNH:73901)

Specimen notes
Small matrix block containing skull and mandibles of a single individual of Llistrofus pricei with associated ribs and vertebrae, indet. material of other tetrapods. Locality: Richards Spur, OK (early Permian)

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