Project 3846: A. R. LeBlanc, I. Paparella, D. O. Lamoureux, M. R. Doschak, M. W. Caldwell. 2020. Tooth attachment and pleurodont implantation in lizards: Histology, development, and evolution. Journal of Anatomy. Early View:null.

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Original filename: Iguana dent ant 10 Tooth ankylosis XPOL.jpg

Morphobank media number

Taxonomic name
Iguana iguana

Iguana iguana (UAMZ:UAMZ R951)

Specimen notes
Dentary of a large I. iguana specimen. Stored in freezer for several years- soft tissues not visible in thin section.

Transverse section

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Aaron LeBlanc

Media notes
Transverse section images of I. iguana (UAMZ R951). Sections were stained using Masson's Trichrome. Specimen was stored in a freezer for several years, yielding poor results for the soft tissues.

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October 23 2020 at 11:57:55

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