Project 3846: A. R. LeBlanc, I. Paparella, D. O. Lamoureux, M. R. Doschak, M. W. Caldwell. 2020. Tooth attachment and pleurodont implantation in lizards: Histology, development, and evolution. Journal of Anatomy. Early View:null.

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Original filename: CT

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Taxonomic name
Dracaena guianensis

Dracaena guianensis (:FMNH 207657)

Specimen notes
CT Scan of a skeletonized dentary of the tupinambine teiid Dracaena guianensis.

CT scan

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Aaron LeBlanc

Media notes
CT recon files (TIFF) of the dentary of Dracaena guianensis (FMNH 207657) used in this study.

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October 23 2020 at 13:17:37

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