Project 49: M. A. O'Leary, K. Ericson, E. St Clair. Cetacean osteology images. MorphoBank Exclusive.

Morphobank media number

Taxonomic name
Pontoporia blainvillei

Pontoporia blainvillei (MNHN)

Specimen notes
Plate 29 from VanBeneden and Gervais. Not sure that this exact specimen is still in the Paris collection.

anterior axis vertebra (C2)

Media loaded by
Maureen O'Leary

Copyright holder
Van Beneden, Pierre Joseph and Gervais

Copyright information
Copyright expired or work otherwise in public domain

Bibliographic Reference
Van Beneden, P. J. and Gervais, F. L. P. 1880. Osteographie des cetaces vivants et fossiles, comprenent la description et l'iconographie du squelette et du systeme dentaire de ces animaux ainsi que les documents relatifs a leur histoire naturelle. Bertrand, Paris.

Media notes
Van Beneden and Gervais, plate 29

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