Project 3970: S. J. Nesbitt, M. R. Stocker, M. D. Ezcurra, N. C. Fraser, A. B. Heckert, W. G. Parker, B. Mueller, S. Sengupta, S. Bandyopadhyay, A. C. Pritchard, A. D. Marsh, D. Field. 2021. Widespread azendohsaurids (Archosauromorpha, Allokotosauria) from the Late Triassic of western USA and India. Papers in Palaeontology. Early View:null.

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Original filename: Malerisaurus TMM 31099-84 humerus xs 5x FWR.tif

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Taxonomic name
Malerisaurus langstoni

Malerisaurus langstoni (TMM:31099-84)

cross section

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Sterling Nesbitt

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Malerisaurus langstoni TMM 31099-84 humerus midshaft in elliptical polarized light.

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March 26 2021 at 15:26:13

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