Project 262: B. Andres, Q. Ji. 2008. A new pterosaur from the Liaoning Province of China, the phylogeny of the Pterodactyloidea, and Convergence in their cervical vertebrae. Palaeontology. 51 (2):453-469.

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Elanodactylus prolatus

Elanodactylus prolatus (NGMC:99-07-1)

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Brian Andres

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holotype of Elanodactylus prolatus Andres and Ji 2008 (Ctenochasmatidae, Pterosauria). A partial articulated skeleton National Geological Museum of China Beijing, PRC. Locality: Sihetun Basin, Beipiao Municipality, Liaoning Province, People’s Republic of China Horizon: Bed 6 of Member 3 of the Lower Yixian Formation [Ji, pers comm.]; Yixian Formation (Zhou, 2010) Age: Earliest Aptian

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