Project 1139: H. N. Woodward, E. A. Freedman Fowler, J. O. Farlow, J. R. Horner. 2015. Maiasaura, a model organism for extinct vertebrate population biology: a large sample statistical assessment of growth dynamics and survivorship. Paleobiology. 41 (4):503-527.

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Taxonomic name
Maiasaura peeblesorum

Maiasaura peeblesorum (MOR:005 T46)

Tibia transverse sections

Side represented
left side

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Holly Woodward

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Holly Woodward and Museum of the Rockies

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Tibia from a skeletally mature individual. 9 LAGs within the cortex, 4 LAGs within the EFS. LAG 1 is only partially obfuscated by medullary expansion. The transverse diaphyseal section was too large to make a single thin section slide from, so it was bisected, resulting in two thin section slides (white horizontal line is the kerf loss between the two halves).

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