Project 3673: G. A. Souza, M. B. Soares, A. S. Brum, M. Zucolotto, J. M. Sayão, L. C. Weinschütz, A. W. Kellner. 2020. Osteohistology and growth dynamics of the Brazilian noasaurid Vespersaurus paranaensis Langer et al., 2019 (Theropoda: Abelisauroidea). PeerJ. 8:e9771.

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Original filename: CPV 4136a.1x.panoramicaFGS1.tif

Morphobank media number

Taxonomic name
Vespersaurus paranaensis

Vespersaurus paranaensis (CP/V:4136a)

Specimen notes
Proximal half of femur

Cross section of femur midshaft

Side represented
left side

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Geovane Souza

Media notes
The whole cross section of left femur. Femoral histological class I. Lateral points upward and cranial points to the right. 1x magnification. Scale bar = 3 mm.

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March 25 2020 at 12:54:30

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