Project 168: C. A. Tauber, G. S. Albuquerque, M. J. Tauber. 2008. A new species of Leucochrysa and a redescription of Leucochrysa (Nodita) clepsydra Banks (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae). Zootaxa. 1781:1-19.
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Abdomen (subgenitale), ventral
Abdomen (teneral), lateral, x3
Abdomen, lateral (x3)
Abdomen, lateral x2
Abdomen, lateral x4
Abdomen, lateral, x2
Abdomen, lateral; spermatheca, ventral, x2
Abdomen, lateral; spermatheca, ventral, x3
Abdomen, posterior (x4)
Abdominal tip, ventral x7
Adult, dorsal (x1)
Gonarcus (teneral), Dorsal horns, lateral, x6
Gonarcus, dorsal, x8
Gonarcus, lateral #1(lateral apodeme), x7
Gonarcus, lateral #2 (mediuncus), x7
Gonarcus, lateral #3, x7
Gonarcus, lateral, x8
Gonarcus, ventral x7
Head frontal
Head, frontal (x2)
Head, frontal (x3)
Head, lateral (x3)
Head, prothorax (2, in alcohol)
Head, prothorax, dorsal (x2)
Head, prothorax, mesothorax, dorsal (x2, in alcohol)
Head, prothorax, mesothorax, dorsal (x2)
Head, thorax, dorsal (in alcohol)
Head, thorax, dorsolateral (x2)
Head, thorax, lateral
Hind wing
Hypandrium internum, x7
Mediuncus, dorsal x10
Mesothorax, dorsal (x3; note spots)
Mesothorax, metathorax, dorsal (x1.5)
Scapes, dorsal (x4)
Subgenitale, lateral x6
Subgenitale, lateral, x8