Project 2545: P. M. Velazco, M. J. Novacek. 2016. Systematics of the Genus Palaeictops Matthew, 1899 (Mammalia: Leptictidae), with the Description of Two New Species from the Middle Eocene of Utah and Wyoming. American Museum Novitates. 3867 (3867):1-42.
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Astragalus distal
Astragalus dorsal
Astragalus lateral
Astragalus medial
Astragalus proximal
Astragalus ventral
Atlas cranial
Axis lateral
basicranium lateral
basicranium sagittal
basicranium ventral
braincase coronal
Calcaneus distal
Calcaneus dorsal
Calcaneus lateral
Calcaneus medial
Calcaneus proximal
Calcaneus ventral
deciduous lower all views
deciduous upper all views
endocranium ventral
Femur anterior
Femur caudal
Femur cranial
Femur lateral
Femur medial
Femur posterior
Humerus caudal
Humerus cranial
Humerus lateral
Humerus medial
lower incisor buccal or labial
lower incisor lingual
lower incisor occlusal
lower molar buccal or labial
lower molar lingual
lower molar occlusal
lower premolar buccal or labial
lower premolar lingual
lower premolar occlusal
lower toothrow buccal or labial
lower toothrow lingual
lower toothrow occlusal
lower toothrow root
Lumbars lateral
mandible dorsal
mandible lateral
mandible medial
orbit anterior
orbit lateral
Patella anterior
Patella posterior
Pelvis dorsal
Pelvis lateral
Pelvis medial
Pelvis ventral
pes dorsal
Radius cranial
Radius lateral
Radius medial
rostrum dorsal
rostrum lateral
rostrum medial
rostrum ventral
Skeleton lateral
skull anterior
skull dorsal
Skull dorsal and ventral
skull lateral
skull posterior
skull ventral
Tarsals medial
Tibia anterior
Tibia caudal
Tibia cranial
Tibia distal
Tibia medial
Ulna caudal
Ulna cranial
Ulna lateral
Ulna medial
upper canine buccal or labial
upper canine lingual
upper canine occlusal
upper incisor buccal or labial
upper molar buccal or labial
upper molar lingual
upper molar occlusal
upper premolar buccal or labial
upper premolar lingual
upper premolar occlusal
upper toothrow buccal or labial
upper toothrow lingual
upper toothrow occlusal