Project 49: M. A. O'Leary, K. Ericson, E. St Clair. Cetacean osteology images. MorphoBank Exclusive.
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anterior axis vertebra (C2)
anterior humerus
anterior lumbar vertebra
anterior petrosal
anterior tympanic bulla
distal humerus
distal petrosal
distal skull
distal tympanic bulla
dorsal mandible
dorsal petrosal
dorsal skull
glenoid cavity, scapula
lateral cervical vertebrae
lateral humerus
lateral lower dentition
lateral mandible
lateral manus
lateral petrosal
lateral scapula
lateral skull
lateral tympanic bulla
mandibular foramen
medial petrosal
medial tympanic bulla
occlusal lower dentition
occlusal upper dentition
proximal radius
proximal ulna
proximal ulna and radius
ventral ear region
ventral petrosal
ventral skull
ventral skull foramina
ventral skull with bulla and petrosal in situ
ventral tympanic bulla