Project 3113: L.-Y. Kuo, A. Ebihara, M. Kato, G. Rouhan, T. A. Ranker, C.-N. Wang, W.-L. Chiou. 2018. Morphological characterization of infra-generic lineages in Deparia (Athyriaceae: Polypodiales). Cladistics. 34 (1):78-92.
Specimen: Athyrium atkinsonii (unvouchered)
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Deparia, including the previously recognized genera Lunathyrium, Dryoathyrium (=Parathyrium), Athyriopsis, Triblemma, and Dictyodroma, is a fern genus comprising about 70 species in Athyriaceae. In this study, we inferred a robust Deparia phylogeny based on a comprehensive taxon sampling (~81% of species) that captures the morphological diversity displayed in the genus. All Deparia species formed a highly supported monophyletic group. Within Deparia, seven major clades were identified, and most of them were characterized by inferring synapomorphies using 14 morphological characters including leaf architecture, petiole base, rhizome type, soral characters, spore perine, and leaf indument. These results provided the morphological basis for an infra-generic taxonomic revision of Deparia.

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Article DOI: 10.1111/cla.12192

Project DOI: 10.7934/P3113,
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