Project 3206: C. S. ABDALA, A. AGUILAR-KIRIGIN, R. SEMHAN, A. L. BULACIOS ARROYO, J. VALDEZ, M. PAZ, R. GUTIERREZ, P. VALLADARES, J. APARICIO. 2019. Description and phylogeny of a new species of Liolaemus (Iguania: Liolaemidae) endemic from south of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. PLOS ONE. 14 (12):1-34.
Specimen: Liolaemus tajzara (CBF)


The Liolaemus montanus group is a diverse group of lizards that distributes from the center of Peru to the southwest of Mendoza, Argentina, occupying many areas of Bolivia and Chile within those limits. The species of this group inhabit mainly areas of high elevation, with cold temperatures. In the last years, several species of this group have been described, mostly in Argentina and Chile. In Bolivia, there are twelve valid species belonging to the L. montanus group to date, many of which are very abundant and easy to observe. In this study, we describe a new species of the L. montanus group for the Plurinational State of Bolivia, with a marked endemism in the southwest of Tarija. This new Liolaemus presents a combination of states of unique characters that allows its formal description as a new species to science. The phylogenetic relationships show that it belongs to the L. huacahuasicus clade, L. montanus group, and that it is close to Liolaemus pulcherrimus, which distributes in the north of Argentina. It is evident that the detailed revision of specimens of the L. montanus group held in the collections of Bolivia is allowing the knowledge and better understanding of the phylogenetic relationships of a group that is widely distributed in South America.

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