Project 837: Kirstern L. F. Haseyama, Claudio J. B. de Carvalho. 2012. Taxonomy and phylogeny of the Neotropical genus Charadrella Wulp (Diptera, Muscidae). Invertebrate Systematics. 26 (4):399-416.
Specimen: Charadrella malacophaga (UFPR/DZUP)


We revise the Neotropical snail-feeding Charadrella and add two new species to it, one from Bolivia and one from Brazil. Additionally, we perform a cladistic analysis of the genus, based on morphological characters. Parsimony analyses were carried out under equal and implied weights. Our matrix included 25 species from nine Neotropical and three Afrotropical genera, including the snail-feeding Cariocamyia Snyder (Neotropical), Aethiopomyia Malloch, Alluaudinella Giglio-Tos and Ochromusca Bigot (Afrotropical). The following relationships between the species of Charadrella were recovered: (C. albuquerquei (C. macrosoma (C. malacophaga (C. boliviana, sp. nov., C. nambikwara, sp. nov.)))). In our chosen topology, the clade that includes Charadrella has the following topology (Dichaetomyia (Alluaudinella (Ochromusca (Itatingamyia (Cariocamyia, Charadrella))))), supporting the placement of the genus in the Dichaetomyiinae.

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Project DOI: 10.7934/P837,
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