Project 896: B. P. Kraatz, F. Bibi, A. Hill, M. Beech. 2013. A new fossil thryonomyid from the Late Miocene of the United Arab Emirates and the origin of African cane rats. Naturwissenschaften: The Science of Nature. 100 (5):437-449.
This project has 27 taxa.
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* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Apodecter stromeri *
Epiphiomys coryndoni *
Gaudeamus aegyptius *
Kochalia geespei *
Lavacatomys aequatorialis *
Metaphiomys schaubi *
Neosciuromys africanus *
Paraphiomys afarensis *
Paraphiomys australis *
Paraphiomys hopwoodi *
Paraphiomys knolli *
Paraphiomys occidentalis *
Paraphiomys orangeus *
Paraphiomys pigotti *
Paraphiomys renelavocati *
Paraphiomys roessneri *
Paraphiomys shipmani *
Paraphiomys simonsi *
Paraulacodus indicus *
Paraulacodus johanesi *
Phiomys andrewsi *
Protohummus dango *
Sacaresia moyaeporisi *
Thryonomys asakomae 
Thryonomys gregorianus 
Thryonomys swinderianus 
Thryonomys wesselmani