Project 1122: D. S. Caetano, G. Machado. 2013. The ecological tale of Gonyleptidae (Arachnida, Opiliones) evolution: phylogeny of a Neotropical lineage of armoured harvestmen using ecological, behavioural and chemical characters. Cladistics. 29 (6):589-609.
This project has 32 taxa.
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* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Acanthogonyleptes pulcher 
Acanthopachylus aculeatus 
Acutisoma longipes 
Ampheres leucopheus 
Bourguyia trochanteralis 
Camarana flavipalpi *
Chavesincola inexpectabilis *
Cobania picea 
Cryptogeobius crassipes 
Discocyrtus oliverioi 
Discocyrtus prospicuus 
Gonyleptes saprophilus 
Gryne coccineloides 
Iporangaia pustulosa 
Longiperna concolor 
Magnispina neptunus 
Mischonyx cuspidatus 
Multumbo terrenus 
Neosadocus maximus 
Pachyloidellus goliath *
Pachyloides thorellii 
Pachylospeleus strinatii 
Progonyleptoidellus striatus 
Promitobates ornatus 
Protimesius longipalpis 
Pseudotrogulus funebris 
Saramacia lucasae 
Serracutisoma proximum 
Sodreana barbiellinii 
Sodreana leprevosti 
Tapacochana insignita 
Vonones sayi