Project 1262: K. T. Stilson, C. J. Bell, J. I. Mead. 2017. Patterns of Variation in the Cranial Osteology of Three Species of Endemic Australian lizards (Ctenophorus: Squamata: Agamidae): Implications for the Fossil Record and Morphological Analyses made with Limited Sample Sizes. Journal of Herpetology. 51 (3):316-329.
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* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Acanthasaura lepidogaster 
Agama agama 
Agama kirkii 
Caimanops amphiboluroides 
Calotes versicolor 
Chelosania brunnea 
Chlamydosaurus kingii 
Cryptagama aurita *
Cryptagama aurita Storr, 1981 *
Ctenophorus adelaidensis 
Ctenophorus caudicinctus 
Ctenophorus clayi 
Ctenophorus femoralis 
Ctenophorus femoralis Storr, 1965 
Ctenophorus isolepis Fischer, 1881 
Ctenophorus maculatus 
Ctenophorus nuchalis 
Ctenophorus parviceps 
Ctenophorus reticulatus 
Ctenophorus reticulatus Gray, 1845 
Ctenophorus rubens 
Ctenophorus sculutalus 
Diporiphora bennettii 
Diporiphora winneckei 
Draco blanfordii 
Hydorsaurus amboensis *
Lophognathus gilberti 
Lophognathus longirostris (gowidon) 
Macelognathus vagans *
Moloch horridus 
Petrosaurus mearnsi 
Physignathus cocincinus 
Physignathus lesueurii 
Pogona minor 
Pogona minor Sternfeld, 1919 
Stellio atricollis *
Trapelus mutabilis 
Uromastyx ornatus Heyden, 1827 *
Uromastyx acanthinura