Project 2610: Gregg F. Gunnell. 2002. Notharctine primates (Adapiformes) from the early to middle Eocene (Wasatchian–Bridgerian) of Wyoming: transitional species and the origins of Notharctus and Smilodectes. Journal of Human Evolution. 43 (3):353–380.
This project has 17 taxa.
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Cantius abditus 
Cantius mckennai 
Cantius nunienus 
Cantius ralstoni 
Cantius torresi 
Cantius trigonodus 
Copelemur australotutus 
Copelemur praetutus 
Copelemur tutus 
Notharctus robinsoni 
Notharctus tenebrosus 
Notharctus venticolus 
Pelycodus jarrovii 
Smilodectes gracilis 
Smilodectes mcgrewi 
Smilodectes sororis 
Teilhardina belgica