Project 3408: A. Borrani, A. Savorelli, F. Masini, P. P. Mazza. 2018. The tangled cases of Deinogalerix (Late Miocene endemic erinaceid of Gargano) and Galericini (Eulipotyphla, Erinaceidae): a cladistic perspective. Cladistics. 34 (5):542-561.
This project has 20 taxa.
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* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Apulogalerix pusillus *
Deinogalerix *
Deinogalerix masinii *
Eochenus sinensis *
Eogalericius butleri *
Galerix aurelianensis *
Galerix exilis *
Galerix iliensis *
Galerix nanus *
Galerix saratji *
Galerix symeonidisi *
Parasorex depereti *
Parasorex ibericus *
Parasorex kostakii *
Parasorex socialis *
Schizogalerix anatolica *
Schizogalerix evae *
Schizogalerix moedligensis *
Schizogalerix pasalarensis *
Zaraalestes minutus *