Project 449: M. R. Stocker. 2010. A new taxon of phytosaur (Archosauria: Pseudosuchia) from the Late Triassic (Norian) Sonsela Member (Chinle Formation) in Arizona, and a critical reevaluation of Leptosuchus Case, 1922. Palaeontology. 53 (5):997-1022.
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Supraspecific Taxa including those with no specified Linnaean Rank

† Leptosuchomorpha 

Genus, Subgenus, Species, Subspecies

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

AMNH fr 30646 
Brachysuchus megalodon 
Euparkeria capensis 
Leptosuchus adamanensis 
Leptosuchus crosbiensis 
Leptosuchus imperfecta 
Leptosuchus studeri 
Machaeroprosopus lithodendrorum 
Machaeroprosopus zunii 
Mystriosuchus westphali 
Paleorhinus bransoni 
Paleorhinus sawini 
Paleorhinus scurriensis 
PEFO 31218 
PEFO 34034 
PEFO 34239 
Phytosaurus doughtyi 
Pseudopalatus jablonskiae 
Pseudopalatus mccauleyi 
Pseudopalatus pristinus 
Rutiodon carolinensis 
Smilosuchus gregorii