Project 774: F. Jorge, A. Perera, M. A. Carretero, D. James Harris, V. Roca. 2013. Cryptic species unveiled: the case of the nematodeSpauligodon atlanticus. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research. 51 (3):187-202.
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JORGE F, ROCA V, PERERA A, HARRIS DJ and CARRETERO MA. 2011. A phylogenetic assessment of the colonisation patterns in Spauligodon atlanticus Astasio-Arbiza et al., 1987 (Nematoda: Oxyurida: Pharyngodonidae), a parasite of lizards of the genus Gallotia Boulenger: No simple answers. Systematic Parasitology. Vol. 80, p. 53–66.