Project 3646: I. Orlov, R. A. Leschen, D. Żyła, A. Solodovnikov. 2021. Total‐evidence backbone phylogeny of Aleocharinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae). Cladistics. 37 (4):343-374.
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abdominal sclerites
abdominal segments
abdominal segments II-VII
abdominal segments IV, V and VI, dorsal
abdominal sternum IV
abdominal sternum IX
abdominal sternum V
abdominal sternum VI
abdominal sternum VII
abdominal tergite VII
abdominal tergite X
abdominal tergites III, IV and V
abdominal tergites IX and tergum X
abdominal tergites IX and tergum X, female
abdominal tergum and sternum VIII and metendosternite
abdominal tergum II
abdominal tergum III
abdominal tergum IV
abdominal tergum IX
abdominal tergum IX and X
abdominal tergum V
abdominal tergum VI
abdominal tergum VIII
aedeagus, lateral
antennomere XI, coeloconic sensillae