Project 2282: J. Robalino, W. O. Wong, B. Wilkins, H. D. Bracken-Grissom, T. Chan, M. A. O’Leary. 2016. The Origin of Large-Bodied Shrimp that Dominate Modern Global Aquaculture. PLOS ONE. 11 (7):e0158840.
This project has 63 taxa.
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* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Acanthochirana smithwoodwardi (Van Straelen, 1940) *
Acetes americanus carolinae 
Aeger tipularius Schlotheim, 1822 *
Antrimpos speciosus *
Aristaeomorpha foliacea 
Aristaeopsis edwardsiana 
Aristeus virilis 
Artemesia longinaris 
Atypopenaeus formosus 
Atypopenaeus stenodactylus