Project 3123: R.A. Gomez, D.R. Maddison. 2020. Novelty and emergent patterns in sperm: Morphological diversity and evolution of spermatozoa and sperm conjugation in ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Journal of Morphology. 281 (8):862-892.
This project has 177 taxa.
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Abacetus sp. 
Abaris splendidula (LeConte, 1863) 
Agonum muelleri (Herbst, 1784) 
Agonum piceolum (LeConte, 1879) 
Agra sp. 1 
Agra sp. 2 
Akephorus obesus (LeConte, 1863) 
Amara aenea (DeGeer, 1774) 
Amara farcta LeConte, 1855 
Anatrichis minuta (Dejean, 1831) 
Anillini gen. nov. sp. nov. 
Anisodactylus alternans (Motschulsky, 1845) 
Anisodactylus anthracinus (Dejean, 1829) 
Anisodactylus similis LeConte, 1851 
Anthia sp. 
Apenes lucidula (Dejean, 1831) 
Apotomus sp. 
Ardistomis obliquata Putzeys, 1846 
Ardistomis schaumii LeConte, 1857 
Aspidoglossa subangulata (Chaudoir, 1843)