Project 3123: R.A. Gomez, D.R. Maddison. 2020. Novelty and emergent patterns in sperm: Morphological diversity and evolution of spermatozoa and sperm conjugation in ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Journal of Morphology. 281 (8):862-892.
This project has 177 taxa.
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Galerita atripes LeConte, 1858 
Galerita bicolor (Drury, 1773) 
Galerita forreri Bates, 1883 
Galerita lecontei Dejean, 1831 
Gehringia olympica (Darlington, 1933) 
Goniotropis parca (LeConte, 1884) 
Graphipterus sp.