Project 784: A. Zieritz, A. F. Sartori, A. E. Bogan, D. C. Aldridge. 2014. Reconstructing the evolution of umbonal sculptures in the Unionida. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research. 53 (1):76-86.
This project has 228 taxa.
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Showing 11 taxonomic names where genus starts with 'M'.

* indicates that a taxon has not matched to the NCBI hierarchy.

Margaritifera margaritifera 
Megalonaias nervosa 
Monocondylaea minuana 
Monocondylea minuana 
Mulleria rivolii *
Mutela dubia 
Mutela hargeri 
Mutela nilotica 
Mutela rostrata 
Mycetopoda siliquosa 
Mytilus edulis