Project 659: F. V. Iori, I. S. Carvalho. 2011. Caipirasuchus paulistanus, a New Sphagesaurid (Crocodylomorpha, Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Adamantina Formation (Upper Cretaceous, Turonian-Santonian), Bauru Basin, Brazil. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 31 (6):1255-1264.

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Taxonomic name
Caipirasuchus paulistanus

Caipirasuchus paulistanus (MPMA/67:0001/00)

Specimen notes
Holotype (Museu de Paleontologia de Monte de Alto). Skull and mandible. The skull and mandible are almost complete and undeformed. All the bones of the snout and palate are preserved. The basicranium has only the left exoccipital. The complete dentition consisted of forty teeth (eight premaxillary, 12 maxillary and 20 mandibular). The fossil was discovered in the the rural area of Monte Alto County, São Paulo State, southeastern Brazil. Bauru Basin, Adamantina Formation, Upper Cretaceous (Turonian–Santonian).

dorsal skull

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