Project 727: C. A. Sidor, B. S. Rubidge. 2006. Herpetoskylax hopsoni, a New Biarmosuchian (Therapsida: Biarmosuchia) from the Beaufort Group of South Africa. Amniote Paleobiology: Perspectives on the Evolution of Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles. (ISBN: 9780226094779):76-113.

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Taxonomic name
Herpetoskylax hopsoni

Herpetoskylax hopsoni (CGP/1:67)

Specimen notes
Holotype (Council for Geosciences, Pretoria, South Africa), well preserved skull with lower jaws that is missing the zygomatic arch, postorbital bar, and postdentary bones on its left side.

Side represented
left side

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