Project 485: S. J. Nesbitt, P. M. Barrett, S. Werning, C. A. Sidor, A. J. Charig. 2013. The oldest dinosaur? A Middle Triassic dinosauriform from Tanzania. Biology Letters. 9:5pp.

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Taxonomic name
Nyasasaurus parringtoni

Nyasasaurus parringtoni (SAM/PK:K10654)

Specimen notes
Referred specimen (paratype). Partial skeleton including three cervical vertebrae and posterior presacral vertebrae.

cervical vertebrae

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Anterior cervical vertebrae of the referred specimen of Nyasasaurus parringtoni gen. et sp. nov. (SAM-PK-K10654). One complete and a poorly preserved half of a second anterior cervical in (a) left lateral, (b) right lateral, (c) posterior, (d) ventral, and (e) dorsal views. A nearly complete cervical vertebra in (f) left lateral, (g) right lateral, (h) anterior, (i) ventral, (j) dorsal, and (k) posterior views. Arrow indicates anterior direction. Scales = 1 cm. Abbreviations: cen2, centrum of the second attached cervical vertebra; dep, depression; df, deep fossa; dia, diapophysis; epi, epipophysis; nc, neural canal; ns, neural spine; ns2, neural spine of the second attached cervical vertebra; par, parapophysis; pre, prezygapophysis; pz, postzygapophysis.

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