Project 773: M. A. O'Leary, J. I. Bloch, J. J. Flynn, T. J. Gaudin, A. Giallombardo, N. P. Giannini, S. L. Goldberg, B. P. Kraatz, Z. Luo, J. Meng, X. Ni, M. J. Novacek, F. A. Perini, Z. S. Randall, G. W. Rougier, E. J. Sargis, M. T. Silcox, N. B. Simmons, M. Spaulding, P. M. Velazco, M. Weksler, J. R. Wible, A. L. Cirranello. 2013. The Placental Mammal Ancestor and the Post-K-Pg Radiation of Placentals. Science. 339 (6120):662-667.

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Taxonomic name
Rhinopoma hardwickii

Rhinopoma hardwickii (AMNH/Mammalogy:208125)

rostrum anterior

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Nancy Simmons

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Giannini et al, "courtesy The American Museum of Natural History"

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Giannini, N. P. and Simmons, N. B. 2007. The chiropteran premaxilla: A reanalysis of morphological variation and its phylogenetic interpretation. American Museum Novitates. Vol. 3585, pp. 1-44.

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