Project 880: L. J. Legendre, L. Segalen, J. Cubo. 2013. Evidence for high bone growth rate in Euparkeria obtained using a new paleohistological inference model for the humerus. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 33 (6):1343-1350.

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Taxonomic name
Postosuchus kirkpatricki Chatterjee, 1985

Postosuchus kirkpatricki Chatterjee, 1985 (/UCMP 28353)

Specimen notes
Humeral diaphysis

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Lucas Legendre

Media notes
Humeral cross-section of Postosuchus UCMP 28353 in ordinary light. Scale bar equals 0.5 mm.

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February 11 2013 at 6:09:57

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