Project 891: L. M. Dávalos, P. M. Velazco, O. M. Warsi, P. D. Smits, N. B. Simmons. 2014. Integrating Incomplete Fossils by Isolating Conflicting Signal in Saturated and Non-Independent Morphological Characters. Systematic Biology. 63 (4):582–600.

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Taxonomic name
Pteropus giganteus

Pteropus giganteus (AMNH/Mammalogy:163049)

Dentition upper

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Nancy Simmons

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AMNH Bat Team

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Media notes
Oblique lingual view of upper P5, M1, M2.

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September 25 2008 at 7:29:21

This media file was first entered in MorphoBank as M23751 in P220.
It has also been used in: P2737 as M452661.

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